shem nguyen

Shem grew up in New Mexico with way too many siblings to share computers without conflict. Forced to learn how to type at an early age with access to nothing more than QBasic as his word processor, he learned how to program text-based games, websites, and seizure-inducing graphics. Fast-forward to the end of four years of working at Lucasfilm's Industrial Light and Magic and ILMxLAB, he broke off to form Breachgate to focus on his passion for games and the emerging field of virtual reality. When he isn't working on Snowday, you can find him at game jams, on the road biking, or drawing and painting the beautiful San Francisco landscape.

Favorite Games

Civilization II, Starcraft, Braid, Portal

Currently Playing

Titanfall 2, Rec Room, FTL


jeremy bernstein

Jeremy grew up battling tumble weeds in the remote reaches of rural New Mexico. The fictional worlds offered a chance to explore an infinute variety of adventure and intrigue Naturally gaming and the internet provided gateways to experiences and information that were otherwise out of reach. With a desire to build digital experiences Jeremy went off to school on a meandering path that took him through film, video game development, web development, and computer science. Leveraging his web technology chops he set for sunny California to help build out and deploy the cutting edge PlayStation Now game streaming service. Building internal tools and web technology for Telltale Games brought Jeremy to the bay area where Breachgate saw its beginnings.

Favorite Games

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Dota2, The Last of Us, Super Smash Bros. (N64)

Currently Playing

Overwatch, Rocket League, Vivecraft