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Howdy everyone!

We hope all of you had a restful holiday season! We've been hard at work determining the direction of our company in general, but we wanted to make sure everyone knew that we're still alive and kicking. Game development is a balancing act, and we've been taking some time to get caught up on the business side. Rest assured--Snowday is still getting some love, and even more so once we get these little details out of the way :).

Anyways, we wanted to share a little vid that the guys at Trilithium put together. Last December, we had a cross-country snowball fight, and these guys took the time to chat with us about VR, Snowday, and game development. Shout out to these amazing guys, and we hope you guys like it!

Happy snowbrawling!


Rowdyguy Snow Battle!

Happy holidays everyone!
Hopefully it was restful for all of you! We ust wanted to share some of the fun people are having in Snowday. We're hard at work adding in more content to Snowday, so stay tuned!


Latest Look at a Battle in Snowday

Hello everyone!

We're getting super close to release, and we wanted to give you a look at what a 1v1 battle in Snowday looks like! We've implemented a thrown projectile movement system to balance movement with the speed of a throw projectile. Let us know what you think!

And, as always, feel free to follow our game on Steam

Review of Snowday and Load Testing Tonight

We just got reviewed by one of our beta testers! You can read the review of our game here: http://vrgamesfor.com/snowday/

We're currently crunching for release, but if you were fortunate enough to be a part of our beta program, please jump on tonight from 6 PM to 9 PM PST to help out with load testing our dedicated servers. Thanks for helping us out, and we hope to see you on the snowfield!

Virtual Reality Gaming at Berkeley VR!

Howdy folks!

We've been busy banging out the last bits of Snowday for our Steam Early Access Release. We're taking a little bit of time to talk about how we got started in VR game development. So, if you're interested and live close enough to the Bay Area, stop by and say hello!